Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

iPhone and iPad Paintings

Bok choy painting by Richard McFarlandThe last couple of months, I've been creating paintings using either an iPhone or an iPad, using the Brushes app. This painting of some baby bok choy was created on an iPad.

Working on a touchscreen is an interesting experience. I have used a stylus and tablet for years to make marks in Photoshop, Painter, and other applications. Working directly on the image with my fingers is very expressive.

Like all software applications, Brushes has a limited features set. One thing I'd like to see in future releases is the ability to blend colors. As the program exists now, I find that it works best to paint as if I'm using tempera or gouache, building layers from the back forward. I also find myself laying down color, then using another color to trim away or shape the first color. I'm sure my technique will continue to evolve.

Apple core by Richard McFarlandBest of all, I can draw and paint while waiting to set up a studio space. Who knows, the solvents might remain packed for some time.