Thursday, April 19, 2012

Remaking the Front Garden, Part 1

After living in the house for two years, we are finally embarking on a total makeover of the front yard. Specifically, we are planning to rip out everything that's there currently, redo the sidewalk and front steps, and convert the remaining space to garden beds. Work should begin in early May.

Wide shot of the front yard
Here are some "before" photos. The posts of the old fence are still standing, for the most part, because we couldn't easily wrest them from the ground and don't want to leave the concrete they are set into in place. Workers with a jackhammer will make short work of them! The small deck under the picture window will be removed.

Front yard, looking south from driveway

Some of the plants will be lifted and replanted once the new beds are built; others will go to yard waste. The sidewalk and front steps will be removed and replaced with pavers and stone slabs. There's some noisy work ahead.

All of the existing lawn will be stripped and there will be no turf in the new garden.

More photos to come once demolition/construction commences.