Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remaking the Front Garden, Part 3

 Now things are happening!

After looking at the size of the front steps as they were taking shape, we decided we wanted the whole thing bigger. This new size will have some mass and make more of a destination, not to mention being more functional.

All of the old plants that we were not keeping have now been hauled off. It is an unpleasant feeling for me as a gardener to watch healthy plants that have some age being destroyed. Unfortunately, most of them were not what we wanted or were not in the right spot. We decided to save the cut-leaf Japanese maple by the head of the new sidewalk, as well as an unknown old rambling rose that is shocking red. We'll probably move the rose next spring, but it's fine where it is for now.

The paved circle makes a statement. The gravel paths through the garden feed off of this as well. It will be further edged with Montana slate in irregular slabs as a transition to the planted areas. I can't wait to have things spilling onto this!

Detail of paver edging
We're liking the edge detail. This will be more colorful once the concrete dust has been washed off.

We're in high plant lust mode now, making lists, planning shopping trips. First up: Cistus Nursery near Portland, Oregon. We're renting a van for that one.

Still to come: large rock placement, dry stream construction, massive amounts of dirt and compost hauled in and contoured, and many other details.

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